What is GMAT?

What is GMAT?
GMAT full form is Graduate Management Admission Test, is a computer adaptive test. The GMAT test contents four separately timed sections: Analytical Writing Assessment, Quantitative Section, & Verbal Sections. The Quantitative Section, & Verbal Sections follows an algorithm, accordingly the difficulty level of exam is being set. The duration of GMAT test 3.5 hours.

Who conducts the GMAT?
Graduate Management Admission Council abbreviated as GMAC is the GMAT test conducting authority. In more than 100 countries across the globe, the council conducts the GMAT test.

GMAT is the leading MBA entrance exam across the world. If any individual wants to pursue a master’s degree in management or business administration studies needs to qualify this exam to get admission into international universities/ business colleges like Ivy League colleges in US.

What is the minimum and maximum GMAT score?
The total GMAT score is 800, and one has to obtain 700+ marks to take admission in the leading business schools across the world. (Link- Top 10 business school among world).

How to apply for GMAT?
There is no specified GMAT exam date, one can apply online on the official website of GMAT throughout the year and can take exam any time (Except on national holidays).


GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test)

Target audience: Business school applicants.
Required by: Business schools.
Purpose: To assess a candidate’s suitability for business school, by assessing verbal, mathematical and analytical skills.
Duration: Three hours and 30 minutes (four hours if you take the optional breaks).
Test content: The GMAT is divided into four parts:
Analytical writing assessment: An essay analyzing an argument (one essay in 30 minutes).
Integrated reasoning: A multiple choice section which measures a candidate’s ability to evaluate information presented in di­fferent formats and from multiple sources (12 questions in 30 minutes).
Quantitative: Questions testing the candidate’s ability to solve problems and understand data (37 questions in 75 minutes).
Verbal: Multiple choice questions testing the candidate’s ability to understand written material, evaluate arguments and correct written material to conform to standard English (41 questions in 75 minutes).
Scoring: The verbal and quantitative sections of the GMAT are both scored from 0-60; the analytical writing assignment is scored on a scale of 0-6 (in increments of 0.5); the integrated reasoning section is marked on a scale of 1-8 (increments of 1). You also receive a percentile rating for each of the four parts, indicating the percentage of test takers you outperformed, and a ‘Total’ score which is calculated based on the verbal and quantitative sections. This is given on a scale of 200-800.
You may choose up to five schools to send your score report to, with additional reports available for an extra fee. You may retake the test if you are unsatisfied with your score (a maximum of five times over a 12 month period), but be aware that all scores from the previous five years will be included on the scorecard sent to the business schools to which you are applying. Results can be cancelled immediately on completing the test.

Cost: US$250 (worldwide).
Valid for: Five years (older scores are available but are not always considered to be an accurate measure of your current standard).
Results needed: Most GMAT candidates achieve a score between 400 and 600; extremely high and low scores are rare. There are no straightforward passes or fails, and the score you need will depend on the school to which you are applying.
Points to note: Multiple choice sections begin with an intermediate-level question. A correct answer will lead to a more difficult question, while an incorrect answer does the opposite. To complete a section you must work through the most difficult questions. There is a penalty for not finishing in the allotted time. The GMAT is only delivered in English.

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