What is Cloud Computing?

Definition of Cloud Computing:

The term “Cloud Computing” refers to services provided by the cloud that is responsible for delivering of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, and more, over the Cloud (Internet).

Cloud computing applies a virtualized platform with elastic resources on demand by provisioning hardware, software, and data sets dynamically Cloud Computing provides an alternative to the on-premises data centre. With an on-premises data centre, we must manage everything, such as purchasing and installing hardware, virtualization, installing the operating system, and any other required applications, setting up the network, configuring the firewall, and setting up storage for data. After doing all the set-up, we become responsible for maintaining it through its entire lifecycle.

However, if we choose Cloud Computing, a cloud vendor is responsible for the hardware purchase and maintenance. They also provide a wide variety of software and platforms as a service. We can take any required services on rent. The cloud computing services are charged based on usage.

The cloud environment provides an easily accessible online portal that makes handy for the user to manage the compute, storage, network, and application resources. Some of the cloud service providers are in the following figure.

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